Product Agility is a gathering of people focused on producing more of what is really needed and less of what is not needed, not useful, or never used. Our inspiration spans a wide range of processes and principles. From Intuition Engineering to Lean Product Management, we’ve incorporated practices associated with evidence of success.

While collaboratively framing Product Agility 0.1.0, we imagined small teams and large programs learning faster and making better choices by frequently validating ideas in a blended cadence of discovery and delivery. Please join the community and help us spark meaningful discussions in digital forums and at local groups around the world.

Product Centered Principles

Bond Teams Around Products and Services – ensuring teams are able to gather evidence in eco-systems where failure is reframed as learning in the form of small experiments.

Embrace Uncertainty and Avoid Product Arrogance – being ready to be wrong and focusing on validated learning from evidence derived from a blended cadence of product discovery and product delivery.

Build Lean and Anti-Fragile Environments – automating and collaborating across perspectives, allowing more access to more people. Build visualizations that promote discussions of environment health and complexity.

Validate Against Concise and Measurable Goals – using evidence to bravely decide to pivot or persevere. Balance a willingness to be wrong with the discipline of not giving up without a fight. Strive toward your next best investment instead of merely getting more done faster.

Product Centered Learning




Product Communities

Mapping Teams to Products and Services
Creating Safe Work Spaces Selecting
Just Enough Process
Fostering Ubiquitous Leadership

Early Discovery

Collaborating and Clarifying “Why?”
Discussing “Who?” to Learn About
Exploring “What?” are People’s Needs
Selecting “Where?” to Start

Planning to Learn

Learning Outside the Code
Right-Sizing Work
Adding Early Validation
Creating a Impact-Oriented Roadmaps

Continuous Product Learning

Blending Discovery and Delivery
Bonding Teams Around Product
Responsive Engineering / Impact Driven Dev
Visualizing and Addressing Complexity

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